Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Doily Paper season

Salam'alayk people,
Hopefully all of you are in a good health, inshaAllah..

Have you ever heard of doily paper? Nowadays, doily paper is so popularly used for door gift and art things. These are doily papers with different size.

Creative people do love to create something with this paper, including

and many more of course... :) I wonder where can I get these doily papers.. I wish to create something unique with it.. Do anyone know where can I find it any place around KL? Do tell me.. Tq~

I am sure, a lot more unique art will be born by these doily papers.. waiting a lot of ideas then.. 

Till then, take care... ;)


.........cP~ said...

You sure love creative art so much don't you?

eezance said...

yessss! :D