Thursday, December 1, 2011

A tangled memory

She was a second daughter, was born in 1988. Entered the earth 2 years later after her elder sister was born. Her mother who worked as a Secretary in American Express, had to go out early in the morning and went home in late evening. She was taken care by a baby sitter just next 10 door to their house.

She and her sister were always called a twin since they wore the same colours and clothes every time they went outside. They live in an apartment in Selayang. One day, their father brought home two big empty elephant moneyboxes as a gift for them. It was BSN Giro new moneybox for children.They were so excited and started to fill in coins inside the box. Without failing to keep on fill in the box with coins, their boxes already half and quarter full.

When the family want to celebrate the achievement, they went for a family dinner outside. Happily went back home after dinner, the door was unlocked. That was not a good sign. They entered the house carefully and looked for an intruder. She was so worried of her moneybox and ran to check it,but unfortunately both of the boxes were gone. Some of their things were also gone.

She can't imagine how hurtful it was to wait excitedly for the bank in time but all the coins were gone. She cried so long that night as her sister was. It was so hurtful, and it is still hurtful to be remembered again until now.

* * *

When she was 3 years old, the baby sitter already made problems. Her husband smoked at home while the children had nothing to do but to inspire the smokes every single day. For few days, she had cough and had difficulty to sleep at night. Her mother was so sure that something weird was going on at the baby sitter house. One day, when she was bathed by the baby sitter and was put onto the floor wet for a long time, her mother came to check her up. She was so upset that her baby was left wet on the floor without clothes which had predispose her to be sick these few days. Since then, her condition got worst and was told by the doctor to have asthma.

She was so sick, and was always brought to a clinic to get gas since she had difficulty to breath at night. Her mother spent much time of her to take care of her second daughter. Year by years she never got well, she was skinny and easily got sick. Since then, her family moved to her grandmother house.........

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