Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nike Run made me run..


Alhamdulillah, last Sunday I joined a medical team for Nike Run programme in Padang Merbok, KL. It was a very precious experience of mine. It was my mother's workplace job to attend that event as a stand by medical team.

In that Saturday, me and my mom stayed in a Condominium's house owned by her office. Most of the nurses and other staffs stay there as their temporary house. We had a night stay there and slept as early as 9 pm because we have to get prepared at 2 am and gather at 4 am ! It sounded crazy but I don't want to miss the chance after all..

Still yawning at 2 am I had to get up and prepared. 3 am , we arrived at mom office. Most of the staff started to gather. A number of around 30 staffs were there wearing their office shirt including the paramedic students. I was the only one lost medical student there, alone.

6 ambulances already well equipped, 6 motobikes and 3 office cars. We convoyed from office to Padang Merbok and I was so amazed following all the ambulances with their double-coloured lights shined non stop. I was so happy and recorded the scene unfortunately when I want to review it in laptop, it was not saved inside my memory card! T.T

When people just coming back from work/other place or maybe going out for hang out, we were the only people just woke up and ready to work.. Sounds so opposite but it was a major fun.. I saw all the crews of Nike Run already busy with their works. When we arrived at the prepared medical tent, all the staffs set up the props and equipments.

This was our tent, and we arrived here at 4.30 am..

All the monitors and items were already set up..

The gift for participants!  A pendrive in a nike shoe key holder..

We packed back to go home~

Had a walk at the stage area..

Overall, I give 5 stars for this experience.. :D
Thanks to all the doctors and staffs who supervised me and gave me this great opportunity..
I really enjoyed it and hope to join more next time..

Till then, take care..

p/s : all the pictures above were taken by my Sony Ericsson Spiro 2.0 mp.. Sorry for the fair quality.. ;)

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