Monday, December 5, 2011

Being honest


Muharram is here, where people are busy facing lives.. I remember that I just post my latest entry but when I view my blog it was 5 days ago. Time goes faster than I imagined, leaving me behind to keep on walking and catching up what I had missed.

Muharram is here, where I live my life in another people's shadow.. Keep on tracking them while I've overlook my own priorities. I have been sick these few days. Almost 8 days, fever keeps on coming and disappearing, while sore throat never fails to annoy, and cough is getting worsen. Its Kifarah.. I hope.. Amin ya Allah..

For being a somebody who have to deal so many things in life, if I have the opportunity to choose, I would say to Him, let me be somebody simple, with simple job, because when I am busy with this life, I will forget my duty to be a better Muslim.

I've learn a way to gain Khusyu' in Solah. However, when a woman have their 'leave' at a certain time, we have miss about 7 days (depends on each woman) plus 5 times per day equal to 35 times of Solah.. That has made me felt so far away from Him every time after day one post 'leave' day.. :(

But, Islam is not as weird as that. Having a 'leave' does not mean that we will miss our opportunities at a certain time every month to remain close to Him as we always do in our Solah. Solah means, a prayer. And without the routine Solah that we usually do 5 times per day, we can still pray to Him and gain our close connection remains intact. It is all about us, either we make the effort to look after relationship between us and Him or not.

I have to be honest with my inner self, when I started to feel far from Him, it is me to question about what when wrong.. I should balance my time schedule again..

Dzikir is the bonder, Du'a is the strengthener, and Solah is the makeover..  InshaAllah.. Help me Allah..

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