Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Looking forwards

Salam'alayk readers.. :)

Having a free daytime is wonderful. Accompanied by the sunshine, I feel so warm and my writing mood comes again. These few days I have been doing online window shopping.. What I found was, all are expensive items. Then, I started to think how about I make it myself? Since the cutting is also not so good to wear by me, I just made my mind to buy some fabrics and sew them myself. This time, I want to fill in my closet with long skirts.

A lots of the custom made shops sell unsuitable fabrics for me as a Muslim lady.  I don't think I can wear them confidently in public. I bought one jersey maxi skirt and it made me hard to walk without showing my limbs shape.. Guh.. Until now, I haven't wear it any more. huhu..

So, I told my sister just now and asked if she can starts a sewing career.. Since she has not sew cloth before. Alhamdulillah, she will try. And I will be the items buyer and cutter.. She is now a pregnant lady and can't afford to do a lot of works. I also tell her, who knows maybe one day we will start a business in this? She seems agreed. :D

I think, I am kind of having a split interest. A lot of interest in different career. I already looking forwards for my long holidays to sew a lot of skirts. And also can at least experience once in an orchestra.

What I wanna be actually?
Doctor? Violinist? Business lady?

Hurm, maybe I can do multiple works and be labelled as a muslim doctor + muslim violinist + muslim business lady. I doubt if I can make it. But it is not impossible right? ;)

InshaAllah... Please support me Allah s.w.t... :)

muslim doctor

muslim violinist
muslim business lady


republic of CENDOL said...

wish u all the best....
hope u will success in whateva u doing....
but 1st of all enjoy blogging....

Faaein Talip Roy said...

i also want to be..

muslim engineer

muslim photographer

muslim writer..


muslim musician..


kalau bab2 berangan faaein memang suka.. hehehe... ^^

inshaAllah eezance.. you can be what you want... go for it!.. ^^, ganbate!