Wednesday, November 2, 2011



A tree came from a seed and it went through a lot of times before becoming a very large tree and its leaves give shelter to the life creatures. Birds, and human always love a tree. I am now in a phase where a young tree just entering its new life session before becoming a real mature tree.

Doubting what I had done and is going to do, I always ask myself either I am doing good or not. There are so many things that we can learn through a life. We saw scenes, we took the moral values and we formulate a better way of living a life.

We can't never escape to grow older. Thinking of how am I going to be a better person, better students, better servant, better family members and many more. If you ask me do you have enough time in a day? My answer will be no! I need a lot more hours in a day. Really it is a reality.

Being a student is not only to pass exams. I learnt how much should I appreciate this moments of being a student. We can never enjoy a study if we haven't experience any struggling of studying knowledge. How do a person be a struggling student? We find knowledge. We explore, do research, do correlation or collecting good memories. For example, a good student note down what happened to her in a day and find the solution or answers for her questions. The more you ask questions and continuously receiving the answers, you will be satisfied and happy with your study.

I usually feel this kind of feeling when I have the urge to learn or knowing something. There is no wrong for being active in a class and volunteer, because you will gain more experience than the other students will do. Do this, you will know how I feel. :)

To be a good family member is not that easy. Sometimes you forget to call your mom, dad, sisters and etc. For people who actually started boarding school in early of teenager, actually we stopped being a member of the house. No more effective time in family and your connection with them will be far. More over, when we want to start being an adult and get married. Imagine how much quality time actually your family have with you.

Still, 24 hours is not enough, I hardly can be all in a day. Is it normal? It may be but we have the power to change everything (which we can only). Sometimes, I will cry because of not enough hand to handle all those responsibilities, However there is no room to run away. I won't.

I know it will be hard but at least we will try. I don't know what will happen in the future especially to mine. 5 months time is already started counting and there is not much time left for any non important business. I have to pass this exam and be a real doctor. I hope I can be a good doctor and help patients to reduce their problems.And a doctor who have family members and friends to help too..

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