Friday, November 4, 2011

I heart Emergency Medicine!

Salam'alayk readers...

Currently I have been posting in emergency department. There are so lots of fun learning sessions. Most of them are hands on. We learnt CPR, pre hospital care, triaging and many more. I love most the pre hospital care and triaging patient in which we grade the patient's severity and where to pass the patient to. If you don't have the idea what is an emergency department is all about, take a view at code blue serial dramas. I watched this series before entering emergency posting and it helps me much to imagine the real situations.

Then the most exciting thing is that we have moulage session which there will be an acting disaster scene and we are so fortunate to attend a bomb disaster. I am not sure where it will be held but I will be in-charged in pre hospital team. Tagging the patients is so fun! ( but not so fun with real patient)

So we had sessions to practise our skills in saving patients and most of us failed in the first trial. XD 

Does it looks fun? Yes! Now is the time to enjoy our posting before we have to face the final serious exam. When I am in this posting, I realised how much appreciation I have to put in a life who comes for help. The cases are fresh, and people who is incharged must know what he is going to do and what to do next in fast action. 

I adore them who are working in this discipline and the specialists who are the mastermind of this department. Well well done.. 

One week passed through so fast that I just realised that tomorrow is Friday. And another 2 more days we will celebrate Eid Al-Adha. To all Muslims, I wish you a very wonderful day in this celebration and remember to who or what we are celebrating this. Refresh our motive in life and find our light. :)

Till then, take care. 

P/s : Please please please reminds your elders to control their cholesterol and calories intakes and take their meds.. ;)


Faaein Talip Roy said...

this raya.. i'm taking too much meal.. but still not fat.. how come? hehehe.. ;p

eezance said...

hoho.. good for you la faaein.. ;) means your metabolism is higher.. x risau la kan nak makan banyak2.. hee...