Saturday, November 5, 2011

Decoupage Art


I and art is inseparable. I love art so much, and easily attracted in any kind of arts that are symbolizing peace and harmony. The world of art is so wide and I believe there are still a lots of them I haven't known about. Almost 3 years ago, I came to know about arts of painting. Not only painting on the drawing block or on the wall, but for arty people, they can paint any where they want beautifully.

I came to know decoupage painting which the painter draw and paint woods. If you came across a shop selling home decoration, you must search for decoupage, they are so beautiful. When I noted that my aunts have this talent of painting woods, rocks, and many more, have the feeling to try.

I know I am a medical student, and yet so much of books and guidelines I have to read but I can't resist to explore this world. Allah s.w.t. has so many specialities including creating so many wonderful sceneries (and of course His 'painting' all are alive) and He grants some of us His talent. Do you get what I mean? ;)

Decoupage is one of the arts that I am eager to learn. Some places provide classes and of course they are costly. Maybe around RM200 plus because of the items used are all expensive. But, I will put it in my list. Maybe not for now but I will one day InshaAllah... :)


Faaein Talip Roy said...

wah.. i love painting too.. but still don't have a good skill to do it.. poor me.. [-__-]

eezance said...

hehe.. to know is to learn first.. ;) actually painting needs skills.. who knows you're a talenter painter? hee..