Friday, October 28, 2011

Miracles are every day

Salam'alayk every one!

Salam yaumul jum'ah~ (salam friday)

Alhamdullillah, I am so happy right now. Today exam went so well and it just made my unwell day to be extra awesome.. Miracle? Yes! Thanks to my so dear Allah s.w.t. who made my day being so wonderful. :D Although I am not so well today, with minimal cough, fatigue chest, and weak walks. Allah s.w.t. still love me.. Praises to Him.. ;)

More over, since this is Friday, I can hear my home sweet home is calling for me.. Wait for me... I will be home soon but not today. Tonight, I have another violin class. Actually we have 3 classes but I just missed the second one because of moderately unwell. Now, I am better so I bet to go..

I read a news paper yesterday and accidentally found a memo about PC fair 2011.. Early November and early December but I am not sure the exact date. Maybe around 4 to 6. As usually, at KLCC. Maybe this time I can own a new camera? :D

Well well.. not so fast.. Still, next week will be my new posting, emergency medicine. We will be exposed to emergency situations, triaging, and act fast. I know, I have a slower reflex. What will happen to me then? Stay toon..

After I bought a camera (maybe) then I will make sure this blog will become a photoblog again.. Heee.. Till then, take care...

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