Monday, November 14, 2011

Kaison KL


Festival City Setapak is just opened! It is so nearby my home and I think this place will be our family new nearest mall to shop things.  I can say all shops that I like are there ready to be visited.. :P

I already visited once last weekend and I found this one awesome home decor shop called Kaison. The prices are so cheap that I almost lost my way back home.. Hehe.. I came with my two lil sisters and my youngest said " Let's go out from this shop before you went manic.. " and when she asked another sister, she admitted that she also almost got manic... We laughed because we just love this shop..

The home sachet perfumes are about RM2 per pack and there are so lots stuffs for home decor that you will find amazingly cheap.. You also can get a lot of cute things insides with affordable prices.. Once you come in, you will find it's hard to go out.. ;)

Well, this reality is only applicable for individual who love home decorations and stylish stuffs.. Right? ;) 

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