Thursday, November 17, 2011

Multiple languages


Greetings to new readers, new visitors... :) and of course my blog readers and followers..

I realised that nowadays, there are more foreigners in our beloved Malaysia. Thai, Filipino, Indonesian, Myanmarese, and many more. The problem is, we have language barriers. I remembered during my emergency posting, there was a Thai patient came with a diffuse yellowish of his skin and eyes. His nose was bleeding and his stomach was continuously bloating.

Unfortunately, since he didn't know how to speak Malay or English and we didn't know how to speak in Thai language, it was so hard to ask what had happened to him. I was there watching how people conversed with him and his friends. It was difficult. Like a cat talking to chicken. Different.

So, one thing that we did was using our body language. Alhamdulillah, at least he could understand it. At first,  he pull off all the monitors attached to him and wanted to leave but we convinced him that we want to help and he lastly accepted.

Should I learn Thai language? There are still a lot of languages that I have to learn anyway, especially Indian language, and Mandarin. Maybe I will consider it in my later age.. Hee..

For now, I want to focus more on english conversation since it will be my important language to converse with our medical practitioners. I found a website that provides guidance to converse English fluently. And it's free!

Last two days, my best friend told me that learning French is interesting in which the language is totally different from English usual pronunciation. I searched for French learning website and I found this very helpful one. It is free and you can get the basic idea about French. I did it yesterday and my tongue was almost tangled..

Tout le meilleur! ;)

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