Saturday, October 15, 2011


I took a long time to think about life. No matter how much I thought of it, and how much I've realised about all the useless deeds, still the same thing will happens. I've forgotten and keep on doing the same mistakes.

Whenever I play computer game, I always be so focus that I want to win all the levels.
Whenever I do on-line and surfing the internet, I always be so focus that I spent much time for it.
Whenever I went out to buy something, I always feel nothing have change either with or without the bought things.
Whenever I watch movies, cartoon series or drama series, I will finish all the episodes stat( at that moment only) regardless it will reduce the amount of sleeping hours.
Whenever I want to get something or reach something, I don't mind to afford a lot of cost.

But, at the end of all of this. When I go outside my room/off my laptop or after went back from getting something, I have this feeling.. regret. All in my mind is " there is nothing much happen or change my life ".

All things in this world is so so temporary. A short life span. No eternity. No matter how much you spent money, time, energy or others for things in this world, you gain nothing important. Maybe a little satisfaction but still the efficacy doesn't stay longer.

What to do? Think wiser before making a decision.. ;)

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