Monday, October 17, 2011

A crafty woman is unique


How's life going readers? I hope we are still in good condition and good motivation inshaAllah.. Well, I have been quite busy with my posting's assignment causing me a little bit late to update. ;)

I browsed these pictures to share with you about how is a life as a crafty woman, or maybe some men (maybe?).. Their enthusiasm is doing craft is just so amazing that they might have a special room for their craft works.. I think maybe they are a housewife, or fully time crafter.

I am so sure these pictures give me a good inspiration for my future. Now, I want a crafty room too in my own house! XD Since I am a craft lover and willingly to do crafting. Of course I need something unique like this.. I will, one day InshaAllah..

Being a doctor is a great job but my life will be more colourful with some additional unique activities within it.. :) Agree? I hope you do so too..

Till then, take care..

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