Wednesday, October 19, 2011

At the stand


About 9.00 am, I walked to the hospital. Today I had and appointment at Orthopedic Clinic. Wearing the white coat, I walked until reached in front of the clinic. Afterwards, in the afternoon I had a lecture so I need to get quickly consulted by the doctor and go to the class.

You know, as a person who is wearing a white coat, people recognise you as a doctor. As I went to the clinic today, I felt a little bit awkward to stand as a patient. I remember one day in my previous visit there, an old lady smiled at me as said " Doctor also get sick ha.. " . Of course we are, we are human. And maybe are more sick than the patient should be.

So, standing there with a lots number of patients kind of making me discomfort. I stand besides the door because too many eyes are watching. I could just imagine what are they thinking.. What happened then, a man greeted me. And asked for direction. Then, another man came for the same reason. I think almost 5 people approached me to ask the direction. Thinking of it again, I just feel that it's kind of funny. Indirectly I helped people by just standing besides the door. Tehee..

My friend shared a thought about visiting patients in hospital in the facebook. It is a good deed and InshaAllah with Ikhlas, Allah s.w.t. will grants good rewards. Now, I have no regret of having a lots to do with hospital things, because Allah s.w.t. just love people who are kind towards others. Especially the sicks.

Jabir bin Abdullah r.a that he said: 

I heard Muhammad s.a.w. said : "Anyone who visits the sick would he be in the shade of mercy when he sat live up to it"

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