Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rainy season


It has been a few days when the evening is approached by the rainy season. When I looked at the watch at my left hand turned to 3 or 4 pm, the clouds will be dark and gloomy. Unfortunately, I haven't own an umbrella.

Yesterday night when I arrived my room after a home visit, with a hungry little tummy. A warm soup made my dinner a good blast. Who have ever make over their room or house in the middle of the night? I did. After gaining back the energy, about 11 pm I started to make over my room. I just love to rearrange my room. And it becomes my routine. Maybe about more than 5 times arrangement per year? :D

So, I pushed the desk, pulled the bed, swept the floor and arrange the decorations and books. You will never miss to see a lot of dust stuck at the back of your furniture, didn't you? I saw them too last night. One more thing about me is that, I am allergy to dusts. >.<

Forgotten to take face mask from the clinic during yesterday's class, I just have a handkerchief to cover my nose and mouth. Room or house chore is also a vigorous exercise. You can just loss a lot of calories per one heavy chore. Well, due to that fact, I sweated so lots. Showered by sweats maybe? :P About 2 pm, I finished made over a new arrangement, and I loved it.

Unfortunately, after cleansing myself and ready for bedtime, my chest became tight. Oh no, did a so long ago bronchial asthma is going to attack me again? I searched for a bronchodilator (a medication to inspire and helps your airway to be less tight). Fortunately, my room mate own one. Alhamdulillah, about 20 minutes later it resolved.

Did it rained last night in the middle of night? Because I feel like not to switch on my fan. It is just like switch on an aircond with 18 degree celcius. >.< Currently I am sitting next to the window where the warmness of sunshine is shining. With my cardi and socks. Brrrrr... Aaachooo! Oh oh, I am allergic to cold too..

pssst... Although rainy season does make a discomfort to you, always remember to thanks Allah s.w.t. this is one of the goods that human needs.. ;)

Alhamdulillah, thank You Allah!

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