Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jewelry Organiser?


Woman sure does have a lot of accessories. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, ear rings and etc. Where do you usually keep it? In a box where they are all mixed? Hanged on the wall (which I did previously) or keep it in a tiny jar.. or maybe others. :)

When I was searching around into an accessory blogshop, I learnt a new way to organise the accessories. Which, I think I love the ideas. Here are some of the ideas that I googled :

Umbrella stand

Bonzai stand

Artistic stand

Lovey stand

Mannequin stand
Rose Victorian Dress Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry Box

Remember I went to Times Square last 2 days? I was also looking for this organiser. Most of the accessory's shop only have the Mannequin stand with the price of above RM50. And some of them are cheaper. Unfortunately I preferred a more natural or artistic one. And of course a cheaper one.

So I went to S n J Gift shop, to find a cheaper and more preferred one.

This kind of stand is available at the shop with price around RM20 plus to RM30 plus but those stands are bigger and the high is around more than 40 cm. So I searched for another option.

Then I found something like this in the shop, which is a candle holder. There is a tiny bowl at the back of tree to fill in the candle.  Fortunately there was no candle needle in that tiny bowl, so I can manipulate it as a tiny accessory's container. RM19.90. 

What do you think? ;) This is for an easy viewing. I will need a jewelry box one day. Especially in my working days. Till then, take care.. 

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