Monday, October 10, 2011

Buffering nail?


I had a dental appointment today. After changing a new teeth wire, I went to Time Square to find a necklace. Because the public transport passes through Imbi station, I made my mind there. Climbing and searching for one, and alhamdulillah I bought one. A cheap one. Just to fulfil my desire to wear a necklace after a so long long time. Last time maybe during my primary school? (so long already).

Went I was on my way to level 1, a sales girl called me. I apologized her that I have to go. She called again and asked me to come near and try her product. She took my fingers and buffered one of the nail. Woops! It shines. I was surprised. Because it only took seconds. I usually used my nail buffer for minutes and still, nothing is shining then I stopped using it.

Quite a costly price because it is around RM20+. When I remembered that a nail buffer is in the list "things to buy", I know that I need it. Working with people (patients) in the clinic and hospital makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable because of my not so good nail's condition.  I as a amateur doctor, have to give a good impression about hygiene. Right.... Then, I bought it. Yes, I just did. ~.~

This is the product

I also searched the Hukum for using this nail buffer and the answer that I've got is :

" Insyaalah it can .. verily, Allah is beautiful and He likes beauty. Wallahu'alam (Allah knows best) "

I hope for Muslims, you use this product in which for your own nail hygiene and not for attracting people. With correct intention. Remember! ;)

Do you interested to find this product? This shop located mostly at familiar shopping malls including Parkson and Aeon Jusco. Or you can visit


kayzie said...

salam kenal..interesting :)

eezance said...

kayzie: salam kenal.. ;)