Sunday, October 9, 2011

Love bag fever


Lately, I have been infected by a shopaholic virus. Did somebody brought the virus here? ~.^
Well, with current amount of money (which is so little), I don't think to shop things now is a good idea. I have to wait until the summer of money enters my world again.. :P

So, I did window shopping online for these few days back. Of course it is a good way to save money but required a lot of energies and ideas. Googling things we want to window shopping sure got a lot of searching efforts. I almost gave up to find one. Fortunately this one shopblog really catch my eyes. Actually, I was googling boxy bag because I have none in my collection. For your infos, I am not a bag collector but will be one soon~

These are bags from :

a very nice cover shape.. and stylish too!
pink and sea blue combo! a must grab? yes!
softy pink and white~ I like most.. :D
Now peachy white! oh oh..

Cute stripy round boxy!
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Creative much?

I can say that this lovebag shop owner does have excellent taste in attractive bags.. Keep up the good works! ;)

By seeing all the boxy bags, I think it has precipitating my fever more..Fuhh Fuhh..  Hee.. This lovebag shop provides vintage bags yet affordable. Want to know more about the bags? I know you want right~ Visit lovebag shop at and you will be amazed with the prices. ;) I will buy one, one day. Soon! Waiting for the money and new updates from the blog.. :)

I was lucky. I received 50 bugs from my mom. Fortunately, I went to Viva, Cheras and encountered a fashion bazaar at the ground floor. Most of the bags are affordable. And boxy bags too.. :D

I bought one. ;)

Still, I want one from lovebag too.. :P

P/s : thanks so much Orange, the lovebag owner for your beautiful photos.. ;)


yangyuyu said...

yup very good taste, memang stylish kan..tq for link jugak, will drop by there

Riri Yoorin said...

hey sweety.. i love ur blog..pepel those my fav color.. n.. im coming tu visit u.. take care

nurkaloi said...

kaloi pun selalu terjah blog uh ^__^

eezance said...

Ummi : betul2.. sgt sukak~ :D

riri : thanks dear! :D you're so nice..

nur : hihi.. thanks dear~ ;)

Anonymous said...

i also like the bag here...:)
penat usha tapi tak beli2 lagi, da tgok org review ni rase nak beli plak...;p

eezance said...

aten : hee... kalo ada enough budget, boleh beli.. ;D