Saturday, October 8, 2011

Do you give Salam...

A man entered a taxi and gave his location to go . " To the capital, please. " Then the taxi driver drove forwards. A meter upon moving, a guard stopped the taxi.

" Assalamu'alaikum, did you give your Salam to the taxi driver? " said him.
" Yes, of course I did. " answered that man.
" Did he gave you Salam? " asked the guard to the driver.
" No , he didn't. " answered the driver.
" Well, you are fined $10 for not giving Salam. " said the guard.
" What the? " that man startled.
" You are in a tv program titled what will you do if Muhammad saw is still alive today. " the guard smiled and called the program host.

" Assalamu'alaikum, I am sorry to do this at you by chance. Why didn't you give salam to him? "
" I am busy and I need to be fast. "
" What do you think of Muhammad saw? Was he busy as you? "
" No, he was very busy as compared to me because he dealt with da'wah, Muslim's welfare, war and many more. "
" Have he missed to give salam to anybody he met? "
" No, he always give salam to them. "
" Do you see the mistake now? " 
" Yes I am, thanks so much! Subhanallah..  "

I am amazed with this program. Such a beneficial program for Muslims all over the world. When I think back how was I when I used public transports or meeting someone at a counter. I am sure I was so rarely gave salam to them. -.- most of it was " selamat pagi, or tumpang tanya ". Oh my~

What to do next? Improved! How do the drivers feel? If I was in their place, I am so sure it will be nicer if someone can give salam to me whenever they meet me. :)

InshaAllah... InshaAllah..

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