Monday, October 3, 2011

Al-hijrah channel


May Allah s.w.t bless you always..

Have you ever heard about this new channel specially made for Muslim's viewer? I have to emphasize that you must! ;) watch this channel because there are a lots of knowledge about Islam and good values for our akhlaq. Don't we want to improve ourselves to be a better person tomorrow?

" Blessed is the one where tomorrow better than yesterday, and lost if the sametomorrow with yesterday, and woe if tomorrow is worse than yesterday.."

I just found this channel is the most beneficial than others and I excitedly wanna share it with you guys. How about take a look at this channel and you make your comment.. ;) Go to and play a video slot at the middle of the page. You may have to download a software to play the video as fast as usual tv's speed. Two channels that I recognised for now are Dr. Oz and another one " what will you do if Muhammad s.a.w. is with us today? ". I enjoyed them much! :D

" Entertainment is joyful when our minds and hearts benefit it "

Till then, take care.. ^^.

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Faaein Talip Roy said...

TV Alhijrah.. terbaik!.. ^^,