Friday, September 30, 2011


It was a hot sunny day in the afternoon. Most of working people went out for lunch. Not included banker because they have to work during lunch hour. There was a little girl with her beautiful curly hair standing besides her mother. She was about at the height of her mother thigh.

She was so curious about the bank counter that she asked her mother to look for it. " Mom~ I wanna look... " asked her. Her mother was busily dealing with the banker and almost not realised her calling. " Mom~ I wanna look! " she raised her voice. Other customers started to be annoyed by her sounds.

Her mother noted her voice and turned towards her. She bent her knee and kneeing in front of this little girl. " Yes.. What do you want dear.. " she asked her daughter and smiled. " I wanna look up there~ " she begged. Her mother giggled, hold her so that she could see. She smiled happily.

*   *   *
Actually, this scene is my imagination. The real scene was where the mother just ignored her. What I did was, I called her and chatted with her. She stop asking and be so nice. :)

I rarely see parents who treated their child like how the scene above. They rarely talk to their child while kneeing or be at the same eye level as the child. As I mentioned in one previous post, Japan anime shows good attitude of human being. This time I watched a kindergarden anime's theme. The adults always kneeing to the children while talking to them. I admire this attitude so much.

When we treat children with the same respect as adult, I am so sure that the child will grow to be matured faster and will respect adults. However, I frequently saw parents who used harsh words towards their children such as "Kau" , " Diamlah!" , " Bodoh". Children are gifts from God (Allah s.w.t) and we (not included me of course) as parents should give a good example of human being, caliph to them. How we are treating them now will determine how they will treat us in our elderly days. 

Let start changing our ways of treating children now, and InshaAllah Allah's blessing is always be with us and grant our Ikhlas's deeds towards the children. " Towards a better lifestyle.."  ;)

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