Friday, September 23, 2011

You need someone closer, don't you?

Salam'alayk people... ;)

May Juma'ah's day is a blessing day for us, inshaAllah...

About two months ago, a close friend of mine spilled out her heart about her desire to restart her final year. She experienced depression and worry about her final year performance. She wanted to use the time in between to capture and be expert in the previous subjects. Being criticized by the senior doctors sure made your heart pounded and sometimes might be scratched in hurt.

We can never be perfect as a doctor yet since we have no experience in treating patients. The gap between now and next final year opening is not too far. Being at home and study may be a little helpful. Why not continue and struggle now and if Allah's still wants her to study more and makes her year being extended, then only she can have an extra study time. That's what I told her.

Well, I know this little lady is a bit stubborn with her desire. I could only pinched and pat her (mild only as closed friends ;)). I hope my words will be a good advice for her. We sure can't 100% help and choose for our friends. We advise, and they have to make the decision.

Alhamdulillah, now she can smiles and continues her postings as usual. Just now, she told me to pray for her end posting test. Alhamdulillah.. She is happier.. :D

Deep in my heart, I am so grateful to be a trusted friend. It is a wonderful feeling when somebody is seeking you to share her heart. And it is more wonderful if you can see any kind of improvement in her. I love this feeling.. :)

"It is not two people love each other for God, but the most beloved of God, between them is the one with greatest love of his brother." 

HR. Ibn Hibban and Al-Hakim


.........cP~ said...

a friend in need is very much make us happy..and grateful..

Faaein Talip Roy said...

sentiasa bersama sahabat ketika susah dan senang.. good luck to both of you.. =]