Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh oh..


People (hospital's staffs) were happily eating at the foyer as the hospital's open house is today and I was in my room eating Marie's biscuit dipped in hot Vico. Can't be helped. I had problem to face crowd. Crowd phobia maybe? No, it is just a normal anxiety if being alone. 

I just came back from session with mentor. All of final year students do have. We have to bring our results since 1 year until now to our mentor. I barely can remember where did I keep my results so I requested from academic department for a copy. Upon receiving the copy, Gullllppp.. I have no proud how my results were. O.o  If only I can return to those years, I will try my best to score high pointers. Unfortunately.. Impossible, right? "Let by gone, be by gone." a quote that I learnt in form 2 (maybe?) comforted me.

When I shared it with my friends, you know your friends. They will always comforting you. Saying that it is normal, and I should just be grateful. I do think so, but I do think opposite too. Don't you wanna mark your degree performance with great results? Don't you wanna mark your attendance to school with a great achievement? 

I hope, for those who are still in your early year of schools, diplomas, degrees, masters and other educations level, do your best to be the best students. It is not for other people, but it is for you to feeling the satisfaction. For Muslims, if we really do our best to show how good a Muslim's students are.. and your Niat is to use your knowledge for good benefits in future.. InshaAllah, it is always counted as Jihad (strive). 

Habib Umar Al Jufri

'Students' actual knowledge is a person who kept his heart. Verily, Allah knows what is contained in human hearts. Thus, the human heart must be kept to the heart to speak to those chosen by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. Really, for those who strive, that is working diligently to keep his heart and sacrifice for the acquisition of knowledge, Allah will open the doors of knowledge and provide facilities and assistance .. '

I hope, my tears, my sweats, my health, my energy and my hardwork that were costed in doing Medicine are counted as Jihad.. Amin Ya Allah..


ekabukanmakcikkau. said...

tak kot . add math aku fail je frust ahh gini mehehee

Joey said...

kucing tu memandang mcm memikir masa depan