Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I am sorry
Do you know how much this word can melts someone's burning heart. It is a powerful word, like an ice in a land of snows.. I watched so many Japanese's serial animations and that is when I realised the importance of this amazing word..

Not to promote about the animations, but I admitted these Japanese's animation (anime) do knows how to create a good example of being a proper person or respectable people. And most of my favourite anime series will be any related to friendship and hardship. ;)

I am sorry..

I had a day where I did some mistakes to my friend (unintentionally) and it made my day worst. I am a person who can't bear guilty. It is like something so discomfort in the heart where you can't focus doing anything else. When this thing happened, I just couldn't make an eye contact with this friend and I am so sure she couldn't too. 

What should I do? I took a deep breath and faced her. " I am so sorry.. " that's what came out from me. She smiled and said, " It's alright. That's a past day. " 

I know, to forgive people is not that easy especially when your heart was too firing.. I just have to wait when thing's settling down.. Got some support from the other friends, which really helped me to calm down.

I remembered one advice, when we did sins to Allah s.w.t, we can ask forgiveness to Allah s.w.t. and InshaAllah He will forgive us. However if we did mistakes to a person, although we asked forgiveness from Him, the mistake is still counted unless that person forgave us.. 

So, to live in earth without doing mistakes to others unintentionally is also unavoidable. However, we have this powerful word to make things settle down and make up again with those people..  :)

It is good if you have little guilty and you can stand it,  but for a person like me,  a soon as possible forgiveness is the only way for me to get my calm state again.. ;)

Till then,
Take care...

p/s : some Japanese's words to share.. just to make you read it although you can find it when you google :P

Hi : konichiwa!
Bye : Sayonara
Sihat? : Kenzen'na?
saya : watashi


Faaein Talip Roy said...

I'm sorry..
lama tak singgah sini.. =(

eezance said...

faaein : hee.. xpe kamu.. ;) asalkan x lupa, sy happy~