Friday, September 16, 2011

Worst scenario ever

I was listening to my Dr.'s teaching, when a Medical Officer came and said " B.I.D is downstairs. " What did that means? I also never heard of that short forms before. So, we (us the students) wondered and listened to their conversation. When things were discussed, suddenly nature was calling me. I had to go to toilet. >.< at this moment. Huh...

When I came out, no one was there. The area where we had our teachings just now was empty. " Where is all my friends and the Dr. ?" I asked one staff nurse there. " They went downstairs to emergency department. "
Emergency? What was happening?

I went downstairs and searching for them. Asking from the counters and the staff directed me to the red zone door. Crowd of patient's accompanist were talking about an accident among themselves at the waiting area. I entered the red zone area. Insides, all my friends were there. Their faces were pale. They gathered at one bed. That bed was busily managed by most of the staffs including our Dr.

I came to one of my friend, and whispered " what is happening here." " B.I.D. Brought In Death. This is a pregnant lady almost at term, she was brought here death after an accident just now." she said. Astaghfirullah..   I braved myself to look at the patient's body. She was blued by the deoxygenated blood. The emergency staffs were resuscitating her. Her chest was pumped and she was given oxygen mask. No response. Pumped again but still no response. Her body was like crippled. Most sorrowful thing was when I saw her tummy. It was distended by her baby insides. A term baby. 9 months.

" We will try to save the baby if he is still alive. " the Dr. checked the baby's status by scan. Died. The baby was died too. Nothing else could be done to them. The husband was waiting outside the room. And now the Dr. had to face him. Breaking the bad bad news.

" We are so sorry. We tried to save your wife but she was brought here too late. And the baby can't be saved. He is not alive any more... " The husband face was reddish, with tearing eyes and I could say the painful heart is biting him. He faced the floor. Not dare to face any one. The full story that I heard, there were 3 cars on their ways to a marriage ceremony. Their younger sister's marriage. There was also heavy raining and they speeded their cars. The husband must be in a big guilt.

I was so sorry for the family that my tears started to fall down. When the son heard what the Dr. said, he cried unbearably. The younger sister too. Most of them cried. They had journey with all of the family members with smiles. But now, 2 of them left the world and they came back home with hurts.

Anything can happen. You saw her smile 1 hour before. Now, she's gone forever. Any unexpected things may come when Allah s.w.t. says " kun. (Be) " and " it will be. ( fa ya kun. ) " Prepare ourselves. This world may be so precious to us, but we were actually lent by HIM.

I hope, people can appreciate their beloved one while driving too. For sure the drivers are rude and emotional but how worthy it is to reply to them rather than keep our patience and drive safe. Conflict with drivers and roads never fail to meet us every day, but once you loss your precious one you will never can get them back. Never. Believe me. You will be hurt and you may blame yourself for your loss. Worst, you are the one to be blame by others.

Every time I recalled this worst scenario, I am hurt. T.T It's really happening in reality. In front of me. May Allah s.w.t blessed her and place her in Jannah ( heaven) for her hardship to withstand the pregnancy. Al-fatihah li almarhumah (to the death one).

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Faaein Talip Roy said...

al-fatihah.. semoga yang masih hidup tabah menghadapi ujian ini... inilah perkara yang kadang2 sukar untuk diterima walaupun pahit..