Monday, September 12, 2011

Be Me


6 months is nothing long, but a very fast days that will finish unrecognisably.. I think about it sometimes but it will ended up with nothing much improvable.. It is not too late right? Two postings just ended and another 3 postings will come soon..

To be a good person, it is not from what we expose our physical to people..
To be a good person, it is not from words that we express,
It is within our hearts,
That keeps on blooming and shines,
Keeping our days warmth and happier..
To be better than never..

I experienced a feeling where I worried so much about something, at the end it earned nothing. I was afraid of something that is unreachable, unattainable and will be left out from my grasp. So i did spend too much of my times just thinking about it.

But now, I think I should just stop. I have to build my self-confidence and appreciate my life more than I used to . Live my day life at the utmost joy, fulfill my list of tasks per day, enjoy spending time with family, messaging beloved sisters and close up our bonds.. Hmm~ I am look forwards how much fun it will be... :)
Oh and not to forget, the most important one is to enjoy who I used to be, a simple Muslim lady who live for Allah's sake and all surrounds it whenever it costs kindness's point up!

Thinking of it already made my heart lighter, I missed my old me in matrix and me in my glorious days.. InshaAllah.. I will.. ;)


fzikuz said...

Hurm, that could be something.. ^^

eezance said...

fzikuz : right? ;)