Saturday, August 6, 2011

Memory box and photo diary


Every day, every week, every month and every year, we haven't miss to gain a new amusing or sweet memory that we do love to remember. It will make you smile and giggle whenever those memories remind you on who you were used to be before.

Some of us really love to take pictures. By picturing the memories, we can review back how things were in the past. I do too. Now, my hard disk is full of pictures. >.<

I realized that a picture that is kept in a soft copy gives you a lesser impact compared to when it is printed and you can hold it. So, I decided to print some of memorial photos and keep them in a photo diary.

The different between a photo album and a photo diary is that, one of it is contained of pictures, and another one is contained of photos and writings..

After I searched some shops for a photo diary, it was hard to find one. Then, what my idea was, to create a handmade photo diary. Isn't it exciting? Yes!

What do you need are :

3 types of papers, 1 is a hard A4 paper (brown), 2 is a 3mm thick paper (you can manage to get it from the back of A4  pad) and 3 is a thick sketch paper. All are available in almost book store.. ;)

This is the size of sketch paper that I used for this photo diary.

1 meter of rope yarn (as an old style effect)

Put all the papers together and use the thickest paper as the cover , and punch them all.  Use the rope yarn to  bind the papers. Remember not to tie it fix because you may need to add up more papers in future.. ;)

use some cute buttons or felts to decorate your in front cover. Depends on what theme you want to use. ;)

And lastly, print a photo of you and stick it into the first page as introduction. I used a special tape which is silver in colour as the border of the photo. 

Now, your photo diary is ready to be used! How was it? Isn't it interesting to own one? ;)
Then, what other thing that you need is a memory box..

Buy a sweet box (also to keep all memorial things in it) to keep this photo diary so that you can view it whenever you are in a happy mood.. 

Till then, take care..

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