Monday, August 8, 2011

A little space


When you have no class/work in the evening, what do you do? Well, I just love to be in my room. Sitting on the bed, getting some air from outsides the window, and sunshine that passes through the transparent's curtains. The atmosphere is just like a weekend morning. So inspiring.

Guys just love to be outsides. Playing their so-called best friend foot ball, a way they like to spend their time in this evening. Since my room is at the most ground and my window is so near to the road, I can hear their voices when they walked passing my room on their way to the court. Thinking of it, back in the past, I was a 3 stars athlete in my childhood and teenage age. When I was in a primary school, I run and speed at the track, jump a long distant and throw that heavy iron ball. Most of the time, I did win some top numbers. Although I was an asthmatic child, nothing did stop me from enjoying sport during that time.

In secondary school, things got a little different. I was not too outgoing in the speeds and seldom joining the running again. When a girl grown up more, it added up much weight in. Same goes to me, I found it wierd to run since my body became heavier to carry (please keep in mind that I am not obese.. ;)). So, I joined netball. Getting into the court, anxiously listening to the sound of whistle, I started to love this game. Jumped up high catching the ball, awesome shot out there. I almost think of I was a star in the court. Yeah, only-for-an-immature-little-girl's dream like me...

In my matrix year, I was no more joining outdoor sport. I changed my interest to table tennis. Holding your bet and smashing the tiny ball. I felt great when I was able to play it. This game is famous with smart and fast skill. You slow, you lose. You have no plan, you fail.

Then, now in the university. I retired from netball and very rarely play table tennis any more. My body is deteriorating, yet I have to avoid running or using too much energy and oxygen. As compared to patients in the ward, I can say that I am luckier. I can still come and go to any where I like. I can still finish my Degree. I can go to work starting next year. Yeah, maybe I have more limitations than other people use to be, but I just have to keep still.

Shall I regret and be annoyed? Sincerely, I did not regret but seldom get annoyed. I don't like to think how weak I am now, and how frequent I need to seek for management. I'll just follow how my life should be and colour it with good stuffs.

Some people, including me may have more health issues in us. We seek Doctors more often, go to pharmacy more often and need to compliant to medication. But, people who keeps on strengthening their hearts are great and awesome people. We do not choose to be weak, we do not choose to be sick. Remember that, soon or not far away, our lives will just fly and leave our body behind. Never regret how painful your life has been, the pain is in your heart. You can get rid off it if you let your heart to breathe.

Have a little space in your heart, a happy garden where you cherish your life the most. The more, the better.
Till then, take care...

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