Friday, August 5, 2011

Thank you Doctor

In my childhood.. I had a dream to be a doctor. Well, actually genuinely a mother's dream. The story started when I was born, a doctor came to my mother requesting a part of my placenta (which you usually called it Uri) to be donated to another baby's heart.. Mom was not really clear what happened to that baby, but she consented. Then, her heart says that her newborn baby already helped someone who was sick when she just came out to life. She must a doctor to be! That is the same story she kept happily tell me again and again until I am now a medical student.

Sincerely, I do love this job. Helping people, treating them. Such a noble job, everybody does admires. Right? But, I still can't find the truly reason why did I love to be part of medicine world. When I was a child, teacher will ask me, what is your ambition? Then my answer always be a doctor and a teacher. Until in medical school, the answer hasn't change but the desire is greater time by time. 

I was once, asked by a lecturer. Why did you chose medicine? The common answer is want to help people, want to treat, want to become rich, and a bright future. Well, these reasons will change once you know the real life of a medical practitioner.

Just when I entered year per year and became senior of the students. I keep thinking why did I chose medicine because this choice will be a big influence in my life afterwards. Busy working time, distributed to a workplace not desire to be, oncalls,ward rounds every day. I am worry about my own spending time with own needs, families and friends.. Especially I am a woman, a wife and a mother to be not so far away from now.

A story once quotes,

A decision has to be made when we have two difficult choices. Each one choice has 50% of success. Once you made a decision, work hard and fight to make that 50% success to be 100%. So that, you has nothing to be wasted and you will be satisfied. 

Past 2 days ago, I delivered a baby boy in the labour room. After taking care of the patient and going to call her husband, she said " Thank you Doctor, thank you.. " With her weak face and lack of energy after gave birth she smiled to me. I was touched. My heart bloomed until I could only smile throughout that night.

Today, I met my patient in an obstetric ward which I clerked and chatted since she was admitted 2 days ago. She is going to be discharged this afternoon with a baby boy in hands. I am so pleased to treat her well as a person (since I have no license yet to give treatment :P).  She gave me a big smile and said thanks for everything. We shake our hands, and she hold my hand tightly for long seconds. My heart bloomed again.
She said, " Thanks so much to be here and help me."

I just realised, how happy I am when I able to treat people very well. Seeing them smiling at you, thanking you and holding your hand as you are very appreciated, all your tiredness will fly away..

I think I've found my pure reason,

I want to be a Doctor because I loved to treat people with kindness, make them smile, educate them about their health and discharge them home with good health. It is a way to make my life become so wonderful and big. 

Sound bored with a doctor story eh? Sorry for that. Well, I already stepped into this medical world, more or less I spend almost all my time thinking of it. ;)

Till then, take care..


syabil.sukor said...

akak~ =D
what you said was right~
to me i just want to hear the words "thank you" and see their smiles~

hope to see you in MEDICAL FIELD~
coz im entering it SOON~ =D

eezance said...

really? wah.. good! all the best ye dik.. ;) inshaAllah.. who knows,maybe we are working in the same place one day... ;)