Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Don't let your heart in pain..


Time passed by.. there is not much time for me before facing the real most crucial exams. The expectation is so high and we are expected to plan well the management of a patient. It was me, who were still in my dreamy land,   wondering around like nothing big will happen.

Last 2 days was so painful for me. Being scolded by doctors in front of your colleagues and juniors, little or more your face and pride is like being cracked over.. such painful scenes happened to me, I felt embarrass of my mistakes.

well, either when I am hurt due to mistakes that I have done, it will cost improvement, right? So, I positively took it as a learning process. Scold me, irritates me. I don't mind because beyond it I will learn something.

Now, after a long reflection, I'm relieved. Looking forwards for improvement? No, it will not help much. I have to really put effort on it because when I keep seeing myself being scolded again and again, its really hurts me much and I don't  want to let it happen any more..

Ganbatte neh?

I hope I can make my heart smile and happy again..

Till then, take care..

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