Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bazaar Oh Bazaar..

Percik Chicken Rice (nyum2~)

It was the first time I ever went to Bazaar near my college town.. Although the distant is about 300 meters away from my college, I find it hard to walk just to get some foods... X)

Today was special, my college friend drove to there so I was able to at least didn't miss to taste some foods from Bazaar for this year's Ramadhan.. :)

Alhamdulillah, the Percik chicken was lovely delicious and chewable.. Considering my braces in my mouth, I was able to enjoy the taste of chicken coated with Percik sauce..

How was your foods? Does it gave you some sweet memoirs?

P/s : Don't forget to give fasting people some free foods! May Allah blesses our good deeds.. Amin~


EB said...

My food?
I'm buying Nasi Beriyani from the bazaar Ramadhan last evening..
Mmm just nice.. But I really love to cook for my own food for Iftar..

But, I really miss the food from Sabah right now.. I love to eat sayap ayam bakar.. ♥ ♥

yangyuyu said...

nice food photography :)

cuma nampak cam goyang skit

eezance said...

EB : wah.. rindu makanan sabah? bestnye.. :)

ummi : Tq! hee.. ni tangkap dgn camera hp 2.0 mp je.. sebab tu nampak goyang.. x sharp n xleh buat microshot.. huhu.. tp sbb nak tunjuk makanan yg sedap ni.. post je jugak.. :P