Monday, June 20, 2011

Unbearable pain


Since yesterday my mouth can't keep quiet to say "huu... " "auch.." " uhuuuhh..".. It is a back pain.. So painful that I could not lie my back onto the sofa or bed.. But, I just ignore and lie down as much as I can..

Yesterday, my mom brought me to a place where a special grandpa mastered in anatomy of human body and how to fix any wrong.. So, I came with her to see that grandpa... Guess what happen to me?

On my turn, I sat in front of that grandpa.. 

He said " hurmm, now what is your problem? 
" I answered, " I have a bending spine.."

" Oh.. Let me see.. " Shaking his head, " This is quite bad.. Your spine bended to the left for 2 inches! "

He started counting and doodling in the floor with his hand and plan how can he fix it.. 

" Okay, relax. I will try out.. "

He knocked onto my spine and pushed it with his knee bone.. Eerk.. I almost suffocated in pain.. Prapp! 

" There you are.. You are fine now.. Please do not massage it or knock onto it.. If any prob, come and see me again.. "

Fuhhh.. Due to what had happen to my spine.. Now, I had an unbearable back pain mainly on the skin.. I hope the pain will go off as soon as possible so that my soul, mind and body will no longer weak to endure it any more.. 


Till then, take care..


syabil.sukor said...

baca cite ni pun dah terasa SAKIT nya~
Moga cepat sembuh AKAK~ =D

eezance said...

syabil : tq syabil.. inshaAllah.. ;)huhu..