Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tell me dad

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Today is the 3rd day I am in a paediactric (children) posting. Being in wards, playing with babies and toddlers, and clerking patient's parent.. That were all I did in the morning till evening.. Dreaming like my babies were lying down on the ward's tiny bed, pikkaboo-ing with them like nothing bad had happen. Who knows if they see those little kids that I played had severe illnesses? They did, and my heart have to bare the emotions. 

First issue, unknown parent's baby. Those babies with no parent besides them are just so cute! Why should they're left behind? We are lucky enough to have our moms and dads be besides us when we were sick in hospital. How about them? Whoever their parents out there, where are your human's sense? Leaving your child here alone, worst they are sick.  Only Allah knows how much we, who met them every day felt to adopt them and raise them with love like how we received from our parent. Unfortunately, who am I to adopt a baby with no stable income. Sigh. :(

Second issue is the interesting one. A father who knows his daughter's well. I was raised up with no father love, that's why there are so much inquiries and question marks in my mind that man know nothing about raising a kid. They are cold, no emotion and care less. That is why I thought. 

However, today I clerked a man which her daughter was admitted due to high grade fever (40 degree C). I am impressed with how good is he taking a good care of her daughter. He monitored her daughter growth and immunisation, filling all the charts and records. My thinking was, he is absolutely a great father. He stayed in the hospital. As he said, her daughter is really close to him and followed most of his habit. 

Oh, and I thought, man sounds interesting too. They are human! Yes, of course. I should wake up my blurry view about them. Unfortunately, something disagreeable came across. He is a social smoker, and he asked us not to tell her wife. Huh? I was like, " what do you mean by that.. hiding from your own wife? " He also said that this was because he respects his wife and do not want to frustrate her. Almost feeling like to knock this man, I just told myself this is not my right to scold him or comment.

The dissatisfaction feeling is that, why should he hide something important like that from his wife? He is a social smoker yet he met his friends every week and each time he smoke, he took 20 cigarettes. I can say that if he continue to live like that until his older age, he may ends up in hospital due to lung cancer? or maybe heart disease? and when the doctor asked him in front of his wife " do you smoke? " and he have to answer " yes". How is his wife feeling at that time? You think. 

Worst, all sweet memories are no more valuable. He has his daughter as best buddy at home, yet he may suffer from diseases due to smoking and worry his daughter and wife. Even more, he may left his family earlier than he could imagine. 

Why should you hide your smoking? Because you love your wife? You love your family? Even you think of yourselves to be healthy in your elderly age? Hiding and ego-ing is worthless. Afraid of being scolded? Tell me how old are you and either those acts should have been done by you as a man, husband, and father.

" I promise you I will be a the best dad and you will be the luckiest daughter "

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