Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tell me about life


Tell me about life. How should a life be?
Good or bad.
Empty or full.
Happy or dull.

Do you live for WORK?

How does a life with only living between work time and home time?

Do you live for ACHIEVEMENT?

How does a life with only focus for achievements?

Do you live for FAMOUS?

How does a life with commitments to be famous?

Do you live for RICH AND WEALTH?

How does a life with full of wealth yet still never enough?

Do you live for LOVE?

How does a life filled with ups and downs love stories?

Do you live for a MARRIAGE and partnership?

How does a life of a challenging marriage ?

Do you live for having a family and kids?

How does a life building up a good family?

Do you live for being a servant of God? (for muslim : Allah s.w.t.)

How does a life serving for God? (Allah s.w.t.)

In our live, how much sadness we faced, how much nags we spilled, how much difficulties we complaint and we never stop. A happiness will not always come if we continue to focus in only one aspect of lives.

We cannot live with only work, only achieving, only being famous, only being richer, only finding love, only for marrying, or only to have a family. However, we can only focus to be a servant of God (Allah s.w.t.). Islam is a religion yet, a way of life. How your work, how you live, how you admit your own nature and when you follow the way Islam teach you to live, InshaAllah everything in your life will become blissful and blessed..

Have faith in Allah s.w.t in what ever you may do or you might did. If you did wrong before, be ashamed and revenge the falseness. If you did good, be thankful and continue to be a good one. May all of us gather in Jannah where our(for muslim) beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. waiting for us. Ummahu (his ummah) !


Salam Ar-Rojab, Ash- Shaaban, Ar-Ramadhan wa Ash-Syawal.. 

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