Tuesday, May 3, 2011

When I found a hobbymate


How was your holidays? Me, spending my time at home. In sunday, I went to the book fair again. Total up about 3 times I went to book fair. Hee. Since that place is not far away from my home, provided the public transports, every things seemed easy to me. ;)

On that Sunday evening, I rushed to my old lovely friend's house, H. It was her sister's engagement day. I went with my old lovely friend too, S. We went together and when we arrived, everything was awesome. We met each other, opened our old diaries, laughed like how we were in the primary schools, gossiping, and most our longing was relieved. Hugging and cheering each other. I missed all of that. Most of all my friends that I ever met, these people always the best buddy to cheer my heart. :)

I figured out one important thing too. My old lovely friend, S has the same hobby as me. Photography. We went to a photoshoot outing and I could figured out how much she loved it. She even has the typical character of a photography lover. Own a camera, love awesome camera such as DSLR, dreams to attend photography workshop, want to go photoshoot outings, can tolerate long time just for snapping pictures, have great ideas on snapshot and more.. I am so thankful for what I found. An old friend as hobbymate! We even share same dream, we wanna buy DSLR and go travelling, do outdoor photoshoots as much as we want when travelling.. :D Alhamdulillah..

With this good news, I am so happy that I retelling the same thankful words again and again in front of her. hihi..

Till then, take care..


Alan said...

photography..same interest too..:-)

EB said...

Waaa what a wonderful news..
Happy for you...

Faaein Talip Roy said...

best!... hope both of u can be my sifoo.. hehehe.. (^^,)

Nana Miyuki said...

I LOVE TO Be captured in da camera..hahaha :)

eezance said...

Alan : wah.. same here.. :)
EB :thanks!

Faaein :huhu~ faaein la my sifooo.. :P

Nana Miyuki : hehe.. the opposite interest! :P