Friday, May 6, 2011

The sparkling ball


Last night, I & my friends went to Downtown in Cheras. There were too many vendors we ended up hurting our feet. After looking around one stall to another stall, I stopped. Something catch my eyes. Something unique and art-related. At first, I just looked at that thing, and let away my desire to buy it. But, at last before we went home, I have decided! I want this to be in my room. Yes, my room..

What do you think of this? Is it a ball? Rottan ball? Sewing ball? Crochet ball? Tell me.. ;) But never mind, I will tell you the real thing that you will be amazed of..


So, this is my new dreamy land companion from now on. I hope it will not be sick to early as I loved it much. Do you like it too? Decor your room now with light and you can feel the relax effect of the nice view..

Till then, take care..



adrenalina said...

nice light!!!

eqacashperlala said...

love the idea :))

eezance said...

adrenalina: yes! I agreed.. :D
eqacashperlala : thanks dear.. thanks to the ball maker too.. ;)