Friday, May 6, 2011

An awesome new buddy


It is affordable, great appearance, applicable, and more that you can praise about this buddy..
Guess what?

Actually, I was looking for a new handphone. Since I am a final year student and need to access to medical dictionary and more, my old handphone just not sufficient to install such applications. And alhamdulillah, maybe my desire was simplified by Allah, I found a new buddy which is sufficient for me to install all the needed applications.

At first, it was difficult to put a low budget as RM300 and below for a high star handphone. After a several turns to different vendors, I made it. I suddenly met a Sony Ericsson's shop and they offered quite an interesting promotion for what I was looking for.. :)

Sony Ericsson Spiro, a new edition of Sony Ericsson company priced RM299 as it comes to market. And even cheaper, RM259 is the best price for now. 

The reason I bought it because, 
1) It is in my budget. 
2) It has conversation messaging ( So long I've been looking for it)
3) Applicable ( I want medical dictionary in my phone!)
4) Nice design (You sure will love it because they have attractive colours)
5) It still has all the basic applications that I am used to. (Walkman, camera)
6) It has better options compared to my old phone.

I bought the pinky peach colour as in the picture.. Nice! :D

You don't like pinky peach? They also have..

p/s : colour of the keypad is also used as the back cover. Example as the apple green above.

Currently, I am downloading applications at mobile9. Did you just bought a new phone too? This website is a great help. I already downloaded Medical Dictionary of Oxford, Oxford English Dictionary, Quran, Prayer's time. Now I wanna search organiser application..

Till then, take care... ;)


Faaein Talip Roy said...

wahh.. i want to buy the green one.. hehehe.. but can it put 2 sim cards? hehehe... apa punya soalan lah sy tanya ni... sure2 lah tak boleh kan... huhuhu

eezance said...

faaein : beli cepat! cantik tau~ hihi.. of course cannot put in 2 sim cards.. the one with higher price maybe can.. :D

EB said...

I like the green one.. look nice..