Saturday, April 30, 2011

That special song


Remember when we were a child years back ago, that time we were still lack of Islamic inspiration in our society. What do I mean then? You know...

Years back, little numbers of Muslimah wore hijabs.
Nowadays, more than half of Muslimah wear hijabs.

Years back, little numbers of Muslimah tied their hijabs on their neck.
Nowadays, more than half of Muslimah pinned their hijabs and covered their chest.

Nowadays, lot of improvement showed by the Muslimah all around the world towards good deeds. Although a numbers of them still overlay on the clouds of confusions, we hope they are also struggling to be a better Muslimah, inshaAllah..

A friend of mine dedicated this song to our getting married friends. I think, that song is a good idea for nowadays Muslim's wedding. Because, getting married is not only about to enjoy ourselves with our beloved one, but also to remember and be grateful of Allah graces upon us. :)


The lyric :

Today you become man and wife
fulfilling the sunna as way of life

Today you'll find serenity
may your life be filled with sincerity

There is no happier day in your life
than the virtue of being man and wife

There's joy without any end
Allah's blessing on this day does descend...descend

Nikahun mubarakun (Blessed marriage)
zawajun mubarakun (Blessed wife)
an-nikahu min-sunnati (A marriage is the Sunnah)
ma qala 'n-nabi huwa 's-sahih (words of Rasulullah is the truth)
nikahun mubarakun

As you walk together, hand in hand
Allah has given you a companion and friend

To stand, and always be seen
as man and wife, fulfilling their din (religion-Islam)

From this day on, forever be true
cherish this life that's destined for you

Live your life with kindness and care
remember, Allah will always be there

There is joy, there is happiness
in this union, let there always be bliss

Allah will bless your home with light
your heart with never-ending delight

Two worlds today have now become one
the road ahead is as bright as the sun

O Allah, keep this marriage so strong
in Your hands does their future belong...belong

Do this Islamic wedding song inspired you much? You better must! Kidding.. ;) This song inspired me much that I decided to collect all the related songs for my very own wedding, InshaAllah.. 

And I hope, you do love to as much as I am.. InshaAllah, people surrounds you in your wedding will have a touch of love from Allah s.w.t..

Till then, take care..

tiny me : I just think of it, it doesn't means that I am going to marry as soon as you thought.. :P

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