Thursday, April 28, 2011

His cute steps

" He stepped onto the floor with his immature feet. Step by step forwards, he smiled to a big man. That was his dad. This little cute guy turned backwards, moved into the different direction as his dad. He smiled again, tried to teasing him, he walked faster. His dad just smiled, and followed wherever he gone. "

I smiled, such a sweet and funny scene like that. I wish I could snap that moment. When the toddler begun his first step, and his dad was besides him to guide. I am amazed, such a lovely dad as his. Whom are not wish for it? 

I am impressed. Where ever his son walked to, he never show his fierce. He smiled and sometimes laughed. I am sure, this kind of dads with gain respects from their children. How? Because they tend to be a friend to their child rather than be a guard or boss. A happy children's life is coloured by his parents acts.

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