Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grab all you can !


Today is 28th April 2011, the book fair still on going at PWTC. The last day will be on this Sunday, 1st May. For you who haven't get your chance to step at the fair, do so because great deals are waiting for you.

I am a book lover. A big fan of books. But, not really a good reader. Do you get what I mean? :P Means, I do love to collect books but I always failed to be a persistent reader. When I was a kid, a book store is like a garden full of blooming flowers. I can stay in that store for a day and never get bored. There are a lots of book that you can read!

I also have my favourite type of books. I prefer motivations, intelligent, personalities related, novel with good moral stories and woman related readings. When I was a teenager, I read a lot of love novel. But now, when I am looking at those books, I barely can see any benefit provided by those books any more. For me, a love normal love story books are lame. I am sorry if you disagree. We are different, did you remember? ;)

However, if a novel offers good moral values, I am sure to grab it! For example, " Ayat-ayat cinta ". From my reading of that book, I realised that my good personality did grew more. With this kind of books, I am sure that we will have a lot of benefit which will help us in our lives. InshaAllah.

These are the books that I grabbed today. I think, if my scholarship will enter as soon as before the book fair ends, I am surely want to grab more! :D

"Appear attractive" in this book's title really catch  my eyes. People always offer how to appear attractive with materials. But now, I am more interested to appear attractive with good characters. :) It's price was RM40. But I got less about 25%. 

I really love this book's title. " Don't be sad". For a long time, I had my eyes on this book. When the offer is 20%. Alhamdulillah, I bought it. The real price was RM10. I got it RM8. Worth!

I really wanna be like Siti Khadijah r.a. I want to dig more about her. InshaAllah, it will benefits me. also 20%. I paid only RM7. 

This book also worth! In it, offers many of woman's stories which alive in the same time with Rasulullah s.a.w.  This is one example of women related book that I love. :D RM26 but I got discount 25%.
Last but not least, I also love to read English novel. I grabbed this one at The Mall beside PWTC for only RM5. I already spotted this book store where I will buy my next becoming English novel. Affordable!

What do you think? Did I grabbed too much? :P I sure did. But.. I really want to grab more. Seriously. Lot of interesting books are calling me from the book fair. >.<

Don't miss your chance to grab your books. Nothing to be wasted if we buy books. Not only us can read it. Maybe our siblings, friends and becoming child too. Right? ;)

Till then, take care.


.................cP~ said...

hah.tiru saya nih..rasa nak beli semua je novel murah kat the mall tu..
saya beli 2..ahaha..

eezance said...

salam.. wah.. lagi banyak dari kite ye.. :) xpe2.. nanti nak beli lagi ni.. :P

Nurr Kasih said...

salam..bestnya eezance byk beli buku :). kak nurr xsempat lagi nak pegi sana. Harap diberi peluang..nak beli buku byk2 hehe.

Faaein Talip Roy said...

bestnya eezance.. thn ni tak dapat nak pergi book fair.. sedihnya.. =_=

.................cP~ said...


ahaha..saya dah pergi dua kali..dan bertambah2 koleksi..nak menghabiskan bila abis sem nanti nih..kihkih..