Sunday, May 22, 2011

Viva Home


Yesterday, my lovely sister came to visit her sweetie younger sis, which is me. :P We spent our time chatting in her car while waiting for other my younger sister to use internet from my laptop. It had been a long time since we met and chatted, almost weeks. It was fun, when we gathered again and shared things when we I was not around. We got a new kitten at home! I can't wait to meet and play with him.. :D My sister even made me bought frieskies for him. Hoho.

Because of still waiting for my younger sister, we went to a newly opened mall at Cheras, Viva Home.

For you who haven't heard this mall before, you better know. :P Kidding.  This is the only mall that I ever went, filled with a lot of shops for home decorations . And all of the stuffs are awesomely made. Creative, stylish, modern and attractive. I awed by myself again and again looking at the mall's decoration. You must know that I loved interior designing, and always over exited with awesome designs. 

We went to the restroom, I mean the toilet, I awed again. Being in there just like we went to a hotel's restroom.

the floor itself has expensive decor..

same goes to these too..

Then we went to Subway for lunch. I haven't get my lunch at this place before, so that would be my first time. And the taste was really delicious, I can eat it without delay. I suggest you to eat the Parmesan Origano I think its name. That one is the most yummy one. And I asked the filling would be crabs.

Parmesan Origano

Crab's filling. :D
Totally appetizing, and healthy too. Just be reminded that don't eat it as a regular lunch because it is filled with mayonnaise and thousands island. ;) K?

Overall. I ranked this mall travelling is great. Especially when we go there with siblings. 

Till then, take care..

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