Thursday, May 12, 2011

A travelling chat


Yesterday, I met a friend of mine, a batchmate. Whom, spent her 3 weeks in land of European. She went to Ireland, Amsterdam and Paris. I am sorry that I am bad with countries. So, correct me then k? :) We chatted, and she shared her experiences in those countries. I felt like having a miracle unpaid travels.

When she was in one of those countries, she figured out that survival of a Muslim is challenged. There are not so much place available for them to perform Solah, so that what they did were, they prayed in the fitting room. I am amazed with Muslim in the whole world who able and brave enough to perform their prayers in crowds, in public area and so on. For Malay Muslims, who have loath insides them, it will be hard for them to perform in such places including me myself.

There are so much things that overseas Muslims who will do anything to perform their responsible as servant to Allah s.w.t. I am amazed. Subhanallah. There are still Muslims who have not been drowned by the overseas culture.

I realised that, my survival as Muslim will be physically challenged if I was at the same place as them. However, my survival as Muslim in Malaysia is already mentally and spiritually challenged and I am afraid that I am still at the borderline level of good achievement.

Travellings sure earn you good challenges and experiences, but no matter where you are, you must be prepared to be a good Muslim, not only a Muslim who perform prayers, but a holistic Muslim who can encourage good deeds in others, InshaAllah..

" Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken.

Frank Herbert


Diba said...

may Allah bless them and always give them strength to survive there..

Nava.K said...

Being what you are and being strong in your faith no matter where we go to is something we should be proud of, esp your friend.