Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A parcel from Sabah


Alhamdulillah, a parcel from Sabah was successfully delivered yesterday. It was a craft supplies parcel. Look what I bought from her, Jajakraf owner.. :)

1 is a combination of a pink PVC felts, soft PVC felts (apple green, purple & soft pink) and a white polyester felt.

2 is a collection of bar brooch pins. I want to make a collection of ribbon brooches, so I bought much. :D

3 is meters of colourful ribbons with different width. 8mm and 16 mm.

4 is a collection of colourful buttons with different shapes and sizes.

I can say that this blogshop provided affordable craft supplies. If you are interested to know how much of each, you can visit her blog as mention above and a lot of choices are waiting for you.. ;)

Now, with restock of my craft supplies, I can reopen my craft workshops. New orders are waiting! 

Till then, take care.. 


Faaein Talip Roy said...

wah... jadi usahawan plak skang yer eezance.. hehehe.. nice! =]

✿...fazilahpajil...✿ said...

cumil banget tuuu...=)