Saturday, May 14, 2011

Delicious Lunch


With a promotion of 50% discount, you can enjoy your meal at Pizza Hut! (says the advertisement on the LRT wall). We were in that wagon on our way to Bandaraya Station, a place where people go for window shopping. Neither I or my friends would savour the atmosphere since arrived, as we planned to go to Maxis Centre in Maju Junction. One of us had to pay her phone bill.

While waiting for her, I search my surrounds. Next to the centre, there was a shop that I admired much. Famous Amos, a mini world of delicious cookies and chocolates. I admired this place, but I haven't had my hands on the goodies. They are expensive while my money pocket just could't make it. I asked my other friend to enjoy the arousing smell of unique Amos recipe. We entered the shop, viewed the chocolates and cookies, and we were salivating and dreaming, an enjoyable place to be amazed about. Such effect of scrumptious smell sure dragged you to come near.

So, as we did not desired to buy them, we went to Pizza Hut. That advertisement we looked at before had influenced us to have our lunch there. A place we loved to eat with friends, and snapping photos. Moreover with the promoted discount, I did't hesitated as I usually did to step there again.

Here we were,

That day, the promoted meal was Creamy Carbonara, and I ordered the Fettuccine pasta. Carbonara would be delicious if it is served with Fettuccine. It's price was RM5.35. Unfortunately, the promotion was an Ala Carte. So, I need to order a drink. So, I ordered Tropicana Twister Apple.

Freshness. The mixed drink and meal went well. I also added up Chilly Sauce to the Carbonara since it is easy to feel qualmish. 

Yummy looking right? It did! :)

Sometimes, facing a hectic days, busyness, and a lot of works, we really need some time to breathe a different air. Being at college the whole time, you sure get sick of it. Not really, but may be a little. I don't think this effort of having a luxurious lunch outside is a waste. However, excessively is not advised. ;)

Not to forget, when we are so tired, sick of or getting bored of the same busy days, we have beds for us to have rest, and we have prayers to make us calm. Spend, if most of the time you have already saved your money. Save, if most of the time you have spent a lot. If not, we just have to be in our room, get rest and stay calm. May we make a wise decision everyday in our lives, InshaAllah.. 

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