Monday, April 4, 2011

When Ron97 price increased again..

Salam'alayk people..

Sigh. RON97 price increased again. Now, 1 liter of RON97 is Rm 2.70. Imagine, you are using about 5 liter per day. The amount of expenses per day just for fuel is Rm 13.50. How about our foods, least but not least almost Rm10 per day. Total up expenses for a day is more likely Rm 23.50. A month, it will Rm705.00 just for foods and fuel. How about other expenses?

If a person's salary is Rm1000 plus, how much do you think this person can do savings? If he is married, with children? I am sure, they will suffer a bit. Or maybe much.

The foods at my cafe also increased! =.= Previously I used to buy ala carte for Rm3.50 or Rm4.00. But now, the prices are all more than Rm5.00! =.=

How can I survive to eat for another more days. Sigh. I need a better and wiser PM who can really think of us.  :(

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fzikuz said...

You're using RON97?
well food price can't be help either, i think we need to get fasting 2 days per week. =D