Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dear Ladies


Alhamdulillah, today is a productive day for me. I've done some matters and did them well. Alhamdulillah. It made me happy, that I smile with satisfaction throughout the day..

How productive are you today? I did not mean that kind of reproduction. huhu. Just, how well are your activities today. ;)

I had a thought just now for ladies out there. We ladies, always love to hear about love story right? Not all, but most of them. Love story is a various thoughts. It can be good and bad, lack of efforts or too much. But for me, I would say.. Just be balance.

In age of twenties to almost thirties, one thought will come into our mind, when are we going to get married? Or, who will be our partner? As a Muslim, I have to promote good deed. I wouldn't courage you to get into a young coupling story nor having a lover when you have no intention to get married. It is a No No.

Tell me how is your love story is going so far. Did you feel happy for the rest of your loving days? or did you able to live with no jealousy or worries? How worth it was for you, your days, your futures?

I have known so many stories about frustrated lovers who ended up their lives, injured themselves just because of love. You didn't think that you will involve one day? Believe me, you will think of it one day if your lover suddenly change.

Tell me if none of you ever cried throughout the night just because of your lover. This is seriously true. A love story sure costs your feelings, energies, tears, other relationships, moneys, futures, and more. Including the married one, you are more vulnerable to be cost by these.

My suggestion is again, be balance. We must have a thought where, a man is just a man. He has no power so do we. We cannot keep him forever as we are very sure that we will lost him one day. Either being called by God (Allah s.w.t.) or taken by another lady.

When this inevitable thing happen, what do we do next? Crying out until the end of our days so that he will return? No. Please don't. Before we decide to accept a man in our marriage soon, widen our heart.

Set our mind.

" For now, this is the man that will cherish my new days. Who will be my husband, my best friend, my partner and all. However I have to be prepared, if something bad occur that I happen to lost him alive, I am not gonna be out of my mind and there is more than a man's love which is Allah s.w.t. Who knows there is another man who can cherish my days next. And if something bad occur that I happen to lost him by death, I am not gonna be out of my mind because Allah s.w.t.'s love is worth more than a man I ever love. "

I hope, by setting these words in our hearts and minds, InshaAllah. We should not have any worries, or other bad feelings in our marriage. Be pleased to Allah that He knows what is the best way of our life goes and be sure that, that is the only way we gain eternal happiness. InshaAllah.

For those who are in a lovey dovey world without marriage. I am sorry for you. You will suffer and no calm can come to offer you relief. Be strong if something bad will happen, there is no belief that once you have lost someone, you have no more future. Grossly false thought. Back to Him, He will give you the best answer, InshaAllah.. ;)

Take care dear sisters in Islam.


p/s : I am so sorry if any words up there hurt you. I have no intention and I still learn to create softer words. hu

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