Thursday, April 7, 2011

Scrumptious Goodie


Whoa.. After watching Safiyya 9tv at, my mind can't stop remembering that delicious looking cookies. I want to taste that. Really, I want it. ;(  Do you ever know about macaroons?

Tiny colourful and flavoursome Macaroons!

if I am not mistaken, these macaroons used to be a country food of Italy. Tell me if I wrong, okay? ;) I started to know about this attractive food when I was watching animé from Japan. Some of the episodes introduce macaroons as tasty and lovely food. From there until now, I am interested in macaroon. 

Good thing is, these macaroons are available at Malaysia. No need to fly for macaroon at oversea.. Yea! Now is the right time to make your wish come true. There is a shop who sells these macaroons. It is Molten Lova, in One Utama Kuala Lumpur. 

picture credited to krazygal3. Thanks dear! 

Molten Lova sells 20 flavours of macaroons. Let's figure them out, don't we? I never have the chance to go there before and still don't know how to go there. Pretty old slowy me? yeah, maybe. But I will make sure myself to step there one day, InshaAllah.

I feel relieved after posted here about this scrumptious goodie. It is good feeling isn't it if we able to share something that we like. :D

Take care then..



yangyuyu said...

post about it before

my fren's post too

rasanya manissssss......
love choc flavor

eezance said...

tq ummi! :D

wah.. nak serbu entry tu skarang..

kRaZy said...

hey =) just wanna say no I won't mind as long as u dun delete my watermark lol

eezance said...

krazy : thanks dear! :)

Nava Kishnan said...

It so lovely to look at but I find it too sweet for my taste.