Wednesday, April 6, 2011

For the mean time

Salam 'alayk..

It's been a while too, I haven't post any pictures of my snapshots. That is due to I haven't send my camera for repair. For the mean time, I will be using my handphone's camera which is a 2.0 mega pixel camera of S312 Sony Ericsson. It will not be a high quality and sharp photo taking, but I will try to make it useful for me. Miss my camera. ;(

tiny me : this picture is taken by 2.0 mp camera. Not bad.. :)


Liyana Z said...

wow! pkai 2mp cam pun nice bila tau bt gmbr nmpk kreatif!

eezance said...

Liyana Z : hihi.. thanks dear.. tapi mmg kena edit bg nampak sharp.. :)