Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another big dream!

Salam'alayk people..

Remember I told you I love crafting? Yes, I still do. And my love to this art is so overwhelming! Especially when I am blogwalking throught handmades and crafts blogs. The positive jealousy made we wanna have a new dream. 

What is it? I want to open my own handmade collection shops. One day, InshaAllah. With the photography's loving that I have in me, I can benefit it more with my dreamy shop's advertising. Hua... Can't wait! Sometimes, I think, why do a medical student like me and a becoming doctor next year, InshaAllah.. Is having so much dreams and hobbies? 

I bet it is not easy to make all become true, but we shall hope for the best. Don't we? :) Yeah, I hope when I am a medical officer in 3 years time from now, I will plan on that dreamy handmade shop. For now on, I just have to create the handmades and crafts and keep it well until the shop is opened, then at that time I already have so much collections of mine. Brilliant? Yes!

Oh, before I forgot. I stepped into a virtual handmade shop. Since the real shop is in Johor Bahru, I don't know when will I do step there.Hihi.. :P

Miss Irene Handmade

Don't you feel like melting in love with these handmade? I do. Visit her blog (Miss Ireen Handmade) to view more of her awesome handmade, and maybe if you are interested to buy, you can contact her there. ;)

Now, I have to learn Crochet making. Thanks goodness, one of my friend in my uni knows how to do it. I already messaged her. Our class will start soon!

Alhamdulillah, I have so much fun doing crafts besides being a full time student. Watching the crafting results really made me feel satisfied.

Till then. Take care.. 



sueRAFE said...

this is cute and awesomeeeeeeee.

eezance said...

suerafe : which one? is it me? :P tq dear.. :) for the side of miss Irene.. hihi..

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Nava Kishnan said...

awesome hand work with great creativity.