Friday, April 8, 2011

My Life. blog with new appearance!

Salam'alayk readers..

I do love Chocolate Brownish, creamy yellow and colours that make me feel the aroma of oldy style. That background picture was taken from a book, with old golden paper. Which, I put onto it a grass flower that was drained for 2 days. Click here to look at the picture.

Looking at this picture again and again made me think of "how about if I make it my blog' layout? ". It seemed to be a good idea and I really used it. And yes, My Life. blog has new appearance. Oldy memoir theme. A lot of Brownish colours maybe? I think it would be fine because I feel happy to view it again and again. :)

What do you think? Miss my old layout? Or this one looks great? Any of this, I personally say thanks to you who ever celebrate my happiness at here.

Thanks for reading my blogs, without you guys, I don't think my spirit stay high.


Arigato gozaimasu!


Akhyar said...

lg tenang.

Faaein Himura said...

ok.. nice eezance... (^^,)

yang penting ikut mata eezance.. apa yang eezance suka itu lah yang terbaik untuk puaskan hati eezance sendiri... hehehe..

eezance said...

Akhyar : betul.. tq.. :)

Faaein : tq faaein! :D